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The company

The manufacture «N. Karalis» with the distinctive title «KARNIK» was founded in 1965 and is located in a privately owned building in Koropi, Attiki , Hellas. KARNIK operates in manufacturing and trading ironmongery. The company during its forty-five years of existence has accomplished to combine its expertise with modern methods, tradition with technology. KARNIK owns a well-organized, ultra-modern factory with the latest technology equipment, complete warehouses and an excellent team of collaborators.


The provision of excellent quality services has always been the primary objective of KARNIK. Its modern equipment, skilled personnel and innovative ideas contribute greatly to realization of this goal. The company is able to present new products which reflect the contemporary way of life, because is fully aware not only of the needs of the market but also the needs of each period.


KARNIK is a vertical integrated production unit .All phases of manufacturing are performed in our privately owned facilities. In this way firstly, the manufacturing process is more controllable and secondly there is greater flexibility that enables the company to respond to the demand on size and products, both in Greek and foreign markets. Furthermore, strict quality control is applied to all our products.